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At Harbourside Veterinary Hospital we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of veterinary care for your pet. We have the latest equipment on site and have tried hard to create an environment that both you and your pet will feel comfortable visiting. We focus not only on treating disease but also on preventative health care.

  • Vaccinations & Preventative Care: An important part of our practice philosophy at Harbourside Veterinary Hospital is what we call "preventative care". This means that we work with you to ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy by preventing diseases whenever possible. For example, during annual vaccination visits we give special attention to heartworm prevention, flea control, dental care and diet.
  • Desexing: Many disease and behavioural problems can be prevented by timely desexing. This is true for both males and females.
  • Microchipping: Microchipping is required by law for all cats and dogs. We offer a microchipping service that will enable your pet to be easily identified if they go missing
  • Anaesthetics: We use the latest and safest anaesthetic medication and have nurses trained in anaesthetics who monitor your pet by direct observation and by the use of special anaesthetic monitoring equipment before, during and after procedures.
  • Pathology Tests: A wide range of diagnostic tests are performed either in our own laboratory area or are sent to various specialist pathology services.
  • Surgical Facilities: At Harbourside Veterinary Hospital  we have a fully equipped surgical theatre and we perform all routine surgeries on site, including some non-routine procedures such as orthopaedic surgery. Animals are typically admitted between 9 and 10am and stay with us until 4-5pm. We use modern anaesthetics and painkillers to ensure a smooth and safe recovery. A post-operative discharge information sheet is always provided and we are also delighted to answer any queries.
  • Dentistry Facilities: Many painful, long-term health issues can be prevented by appropriate dental care. With modern anaesthetic techniques and careful patient management, dental procedures are very safe and very beneficial for keeping your pet healthy and pain-free
  • Radiology (x-rays): Our hospital is licensed and fully equipped to take radiographs (often called X-rays) of your pet.  Our veterinarians will discuss your pet’s case and conduct a thorough physical examination to determine if your pet requires radiographs. Radiographs are a very important tool to help us diagnose diseases in animals, particularly for conditions involving bones, the chest or abdomen. Digital xrays allow us to instantly obtain the clearest images, and to also email radiographs for specialist opinions, if required.
  • Ultrasound: Ultrasound examination by a registered specialist is available on-site
  • In-Hospital Care: Harbourside Veterinary Hospital has indoor cages for small and large dogs and cats for ongoing medical needs. We also have isolation ward and intensive care facilities
  • House Calls: Sometimes there are circumstances when a home visit is more appropriate than a visit to the hospital. We are happy to arrange to visit you and your pet in your home on these occasions and will always try to accommodate requests for home visits during working hours given sufficient notice. This service will be provided by VetOnTheRun.
  • Puppy Preschool: At Harbourside Veterinary Hospital we are currently running puppy classes. These provide a great opportunity for socialisation and basic behaviour training for your puppy.
  • Emergencies: Rest assured in case of emergency that we will always fit you in but please call the hospital in advance where possible. If your pet has an acute crisis during working hours then please call the hospital  immediately on 0283 226 878 and we will ensure that you are offered an appointment on a priority basis. We are open six days a week but if there is a problem out of our normal hours then please call the emergency service at ARH on 02 9758 8666
  • Feed back We are always interested to receive your feedback. Please let us know if there is anything that you think we can improve on as this will help us to ensure that you and your pet continue to receive the best possible care from us. And if there is something you are particularly pleased with then we would enjoy hearing about it! We recommend that our clients regularly check the website and follow us on Facebook to hear about our latest offers and events.